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"I was looking for a spark for change and Level Up was that and more. I have found my flow again along with a community, a great accountability buddy and a whole bunch of new tools. I am incredibly grateful."

Susan Lambert IT Specialist

Hitting The 'Performance Plateau' Is Predictable

And nobody's immune. 

We work with elite athletes and successful business owners around the world and, at some stage, they all experience a drop in performance, they hit a 'glass ceiling', the plateau. 

How do you know if that's where you're at?

The symptoms are actually pretty clear; never enough time, feeling stressed, not feeling as motivated as usual, less energy than normal, sex life is m'eh, relationships have lost their sparkle and you've lost sight of 'why' you do what you do... 

And the risk is that these symptoms mask the underlying, much larger consquences; reduced creativity, relationship fatigue, poor lifestyle behaviours and a drifting away from your North star.

But here’s the good news.

When the problem is as predictable as this, when hitting the performance plateau is this inevitable, well, so is the solution.

And what we generally find has happened is that one, or more, of the Seven Pillars Of Performance have slipped.

And once these have been corrected many of the 'symptoms' just start resolving themselves...

Meet Some Of Our Coaches


Coach Will is a US Special Ops Veteran who shares his wisdom generously. Be warned, his love of  improving the quality of lives for those around him is infectious 


Alethea is an elite athlete who has performed at the very top of her game whilst working full time. She knows what's required to get gritty about getting results


 Steve understands first hand what's required to perform at your peak consistently. His philophies for leading a rich and impactful life are as straight forward as they are powerful 
Your purpose is your superpower - get clear, get gritty and have some fun kicking your goals

"This program was fascinating, guided by Mat and the other coaches who were knowledgable, fun and insightful. I've been able to remove unnecessary daily distractions and have freed up time to spend on the things that matter most."

Jamie McAinsh Business Owner
We get it, you're busy (that's the #1 symptom of hitting the plateau)

Give us just 90 minutes a week for 5 weeks and you will...

Claw back hours each week by eliminating low value activities from your life
Access almost limitless energy and vitality by implementing better lifestyle behaviours
Build your life around your mission and meaning by reconnecting with your purpose
Immerse yourself in a community that supports you and holds you to the highest standards

Join the ultimate primer for productivity and peak performance

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Learn how to use your most addictive neurochemicals for crystal clear clarity so you can kick the doors of life of its hinges!

How Does Level Up Work?

It's immersive, interactive and focusses on immediate implementation so that you can launch yourself into the post-pandemic world!

Think of it as your gateway into a community that will support you and hold you accountable to the highest standards. 

Here's how the 5 x 90-minute LIVE Masterclasses are stacked for maximum efficiency and impact:

Week 1 - Reset and Reboot

Using a blend of neuroscience and mindset management you'll identify which of your 'life levers' you need to pull to kickstart your growth curve

Week 2 - Stress Test Your Priorities

Claw back time and freedom by stress testing your priorities and eliminating the low value activities from your daily routines

Week 3 - The Dopamine Detox

Reset your habits around technology to be more present, build better relationships, improve sleep and maximise your potential

Week 4 - Bulletproof Mind & Bombproof Body

Make movement a lifestyle to boost your energy and vitality.  Learn to use the power of team to stay on track and amplify your results

Week 5 - What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Use the power of this private community to start sparking, have some fun and create unstoppable momentum at work and play
Start firing on all 7 Pillars Of Performance and level up -  if not now, then when?
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Here's what others are saying...

"In just five weeks, this program has provided huge benefits already; both personally and professionally. I've removed loads of 'life distractions' and freed up heaps of valuable time. Thanks to Mat and the team!"

Susan Lambert IT Expert

"I loved the Masterclasses - they were full of really valuable information that have helped me get loads of time back and start to understand why I do the things I do. It's helped me re-focus on the direction of my life"

Janet Jones Managing Director

"This course was just what I REALLY needed to kick start a change in my life and lifestyles. I now have so many new ways of handling life subjects and I'm already starting to pass these on to others in my sphere of influence!"

Adriann Richards Sales Director

Lead Coach: Mat Lock

Co-Founder: The Impact Project

Author: Lead By Example

Mat is a peak performance coach and practitioner who has surrounded himself with an amazing team of former Special Forces soldiers, elite athletes, positive psychology experts, flow state coaches and lifestyle subject matter experts.

After more than two decades of traversing the globe in senior management roles whilst competing in some of the worlds most grueling endurance races, he understands the power of the 7 Pillars Of Performance. 

The 3 Cornerstones of the Level Up Program


Using the same '7 Pillars Of Performance' framework as our 12-month flagship Leadership Development & Peak Performance Program, over the 5 weeks you'll learn and implement the systems and pathways of productivity, peak performance, wellness and health.

These Masterclasses are delivered LIVE and recorded for lifetime replays in our web-app (called Basecamp). 


Our amazing team includes former Special Forces soldiers, elite athletes, psychology coaches, flow experts and lifestyle specialists. The group Masterclasses are immersive, interactive experiences and the 1:1 coaching is intimate and impactful.

Your 1:1 coaching session is also recorded and available for lifetime replay. 


A hyper engaged community of high performers who's only agenda is the success of everyone around them. For your sanity, our exclusive web-app is private, secure and not searchable by the Google's of this world. 

Together with your accountability buddies you'll have access to all events, all team members and all resources for life. 

Here’s what’s included when you join the  Level Up Program

Exclusive invite to 5 x LIVE Masterclasses (online)
Immediate access to the private community
1:1 Coaching session (recorded)
Lifetime access to secure web-app & resources
Lifetime access to our network of high performing alumni
BONUS live Q&A with a Celebrity Coach

Level Up: 5 Week Program

Next Intake 2nd November 2022
Immediate access to the private community
100% satisfaction money back guarantee
Lifetime membership within the alumni team
Lifetime access to all resources
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If you're not blown away by your results, you get your money back.

Because the only truth is the result.
Our job is to understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to effectively train individuals and organisations. Your job is to show up, play 'all out' and do the work.

If you have completed the course, fully implemented the components of the training and not experienced a significant increase in productivity and performance, you'll be eligible for a refund.


When is the next intake for Level Up?
The next intake for Level Up is 2nd August 2022. Given the nature of the program, and the individuals who jump aboard we operate on a strictly 'first in, best dressed' basis.
What if I miss one of the Masterclasses?
No problem - all 5 Masterclasses are recorded and available for replay (forever) via Basecamp (our private community OS)
What's the platform that you use for the Masterclasses?
We work with our media partner, Undefine Media, to help us deliver a high quality product. Therefore, you will receive a link in advance of each Masterclass that you just need to click on.

You will not be required to download any software, use a password or any of those other irritating realities that are so common in the software world!
Are there any age restrictions for delegates?
We don't believe in suppressing anyones desire to increase their ability to have an impact! 

With that said, applicants under the age of 18 years undergo additional screening to ensure they're a good fit for the program.

Our coaching team includes many parents and all hold current working with children checks.
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