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Train at the intersection of neuroscience and optimal psychology to build happier, healthier and more productive humans

Benchmark your ability for predictable high performance

Score your ability to kick the doors of life off its hinges. Complete the 7 Pillars Of Performance scorecard and receive a personalised report on which levers you can pull so that you can be – and stay – a higher performing, happier, healthier you
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Regain control and rebalance the 7 Pillars of Performance to get back into bed with what you love
"Fascinating programs that have freed up so much time to spend on the things that matter most."
Jamie McAinsh
Business Owner

Level Up Program

Take the first step and learn how to use your most addictive neurochemicals for optimising human health, productivity and high performance. 

Give us just 90 minutes a week for 5 weeks and you will:

  • Claw back hours each week
  • Massively boost your energy and vitality
  • Get clarity around your purpose (it's your superpower)
  • Immerse yourself in a hyper-engaged private community

It's live, interactive and focusses on immediate implementation so you can launch yourself into a post-pandemic world.

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Level Up+ Program

Schedule a private edition of the Level Up Program for your business.

Build happier, healthier and more connected teams - be seen as an employer of choice and boost your bottom line.

Level Up+ enables you to:

  • Boost productivity and foster increased innovation
  • Benchmark against key matrix for predictable higher performance
  • Schedule the weekly Masterclasses to fit your business operations
  • Retain and attract talent through progressive personnel investment
Professional and personal development are no longer optional - what's good for your team is good for your business.
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Learn how to use your most addictive neurochemicals to prevent burnout and say goodbye to stress

Unleashing Potential Community

All graduates of Level Up are given the opportunity to continue their journey to being happier, healthier and predictable high performance by immersing themselves within a community who will support them and hold them to a high standard.

Maintaining momentum, having fun, continuing education and implementation are critical success factors for sustained personal and professional growth.

The Path To Predictable Performance

As a member of the community you will:

  • Be part of a hyper-engaged group that supports you and holds you to a high standard 
  • Expand your use of neuroscience and positive psychology with our team of coaches  
  • Learn to sleep, rest and recover better with your supplied, wearable Whoop device
  • Embed optimal lifestyle behaviours that make predictable performance your default state
  • Boost your energy and vitality levels for a bulletproof brain and bombproof body

With the goal of 'Performance Mastery, this community ensures you get off - and stay off - the hamster wheel, living a happier, healthier life of high performance. 

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Choose The Version Of Level Up That Suits You Best

Level Up Program

Kickstart your journey to predictable performance by learning how to leverage your time for maximum productivity, health and happiness and what practical steps you can follow to build a bombproof mind, prevent burnout and say goodbye to stress.

Online Masterclasses
Accountability Partners
Community Platform 
Celebrity Coach Q&A
Lifetime Replay Access


Team Savings Available
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Level Uplive Program

Your Private Edition of Level Up to accelerate your teams journey towards predictable high performance and productivity. Blended on-location and live online options to deliver happier, healthier teams of high performing humans.
Private Live Masterclasses
Selection Of Timing
KPI Benchmarking
Invite Key Customers
'On-location' Options 
Teams From


Per Person (Min.10)
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Unleashing Potential

Welcome to the High Performance Revolution. Learn to consistently use your most addictive neurochemicals for optimising happiness, health, productivity and high performance amongst an amazing community who will support you and hold you to a high standard.
Private Community Access
Monthly Masterclasses
Live Coaching Calls
Quarterly Boosters
Eligible For Impact Week


Per Month
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