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Mat Lock's vision is to create happy and healthy humans who make seismic shifts in their lives, unleash their full potential and have more impact in the world. 

He believe's that hyper focus, physical health, mental well-being and human connection are the antidote to the new-world challenges we all face. Through The Impact Project he helps to develop those who want to lead by example and achieve their wildest professional and personal goals.

Through the Unleashing Potential Podcast and Program Mat and the team focus on those subjects that accelerate humans to perform at their peak - Flow State - Neuroscience Optimisation - Lifestyle Behaviours - Sleep Hygiene - Mental Health - Nutrition - Movement - Optimal Health - Growth - Impact - High Performing Teams.

The Impact Project is a leadership development and personal performance company. Mat loves to switch on the mic and take a deep dive with high performers who share how they got to where they are, what lessons they have learned along the way and how their experience can help others have more impact at work and in life.

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