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A 12-month journey of achieving your wildest personal and professional goals

The 2022 onboarding process is underway and we go live in... 

My name is Mat Lock and I want to share a little of my personal story with you...

After two-decades in senior corporate roles I felt frustrated professionally, I had more to offer... I knew it was time for change.

It was now time to pursue my wildest professional and personal dreams if I wanted to have more impact. 
I could tell you 'what' I did and 'how' I did it. But I couldn't tell you 'why' I was doing it... I realised that it was my life and therefore my responsibility to make changes.
I was hungry to realise my untapped potential...

That hunger fuelled my pursuit of high performance at work and in life 

The Unleashing Potential Program was born. Together with an amazing team of Special Forces operatives, elite athletes and subject matter experts we've built a hyper engaged community of progressive, performance focused people.

It's a 12-month journey that is as immersive as it is intimate. Only 100 people are accepted into the program each year and as we rebound from the pandemic, 2021 intake will be pretty special...

Your environment dictates your performance

I think we can agree that it’s not time you lack, its priorities, its focus

Learn more about The Unleashing Potential Program:

How Does Unleashing Potential Work?

A Life Changing 12-Month Program Of Peak Performance
Phase One

Impact Week (in-person)

The most intense and rewarding week of your life - the primer for your journey to peak performance. Over 5 days in Jervis Bay, NSW you'll build a foundation of the science based, data-driven strategies based on what motivates you, and those around you. Our framework will help you perform at your peak in business and life.
Phase Two

Monthly Masterclasses (online)

Every month you'll work directly with with our global team of experts which include PhD level psychologists, Special Forces veterans and elite athletes. These group coaching sessions provide access to a unique blend of skills and support will supercharge your approach to leadership and achieving mastery of your mind, body and being. 
Phase Three

Impact Accelerators (in-person)

Every quarter you'll return to basecamp in Jervis Bay for 2-day boosters to accelerate your learning around key leadership and lifestyle subjects. Imagine being immersed in a community of peak performing business leaders and progressive individuals for accountablity, support and feedback.  

Here’s what others have said about our leadership and peak performance training

"Mat has a gift for questioning the status quo and identifying proven, simple everyday strategies as a catalyst for high performance"

Jamie McAinsh, Business Owner

"A powerful combination of scientific principles and practical applications that open the mind to a new way of operating and living"

Janet Jones, Managing Director

"Unleashing Potential bridges the key elements of building a high performance personal and work culture"

Adriann Richards, Sales Director
Make data based decisions:

 Guided By Tech | Coached By The Elite

24/7 life metrics - make data based decisions
Hyper engaged community of peak performers
Lifetime access to education platform

What results should I expect from 
Unleashing Potential?


Master Your Mind

to operate at your peak in life and business, and empower those around you

Maintain And Grow

in all aspects of your professional and personal life to realise your potential and lead by example

Move More

to liberate yourself and live a longer, happier and healthier life

Measure What Matters

to have objective scientific data driving your life decisons, actions and behaviours

Create Unstoppable Momentum

and be immersed in a community of high performers  for support and accountability

Here’s what’s included in the 
Unlimited Potential Program

Your 'Impact Week' in Jervis Bay (foundational)
Weekly Accountability Sessions
Monthly Masterclasses (online)
Quarterly Accelerators in Jervis Bay (4 x 2-day in-person)
The latest wearable technology to measure and track your key indicators
Lifetime access to our network of high performing alumni
Lifetime access to the training library and replays
24/7 access to our amazing coaching team
And a whole lot more that only delegates find out about...
What more do you need to know?

Apply now and chat with our team to see if this is right for you, and vice versa...


When is the next intake for Unleashing Potential?
The next intake of delegates for Unleashing Potential is November 2021. Given the nature of the program, and the individuals who jump aboard we operate on a strictly 'first in, best dressed' basis.
Do you cap the number of attendees for each intake? 
Each intake is capped at 100 delegates. This ensures that this unique program continues to be immersive, intimate and deliver outstanding results.
What if I can't make the dates for Impact Week but want to do the rest of the program?
Impact Week is the 'on ramp' to the program and is designed to lay the foundation for the rest of this unique program. 

On that basis attending Impact Week is a mandatory starting point for all delegates. If the dates do not work for a delegates schedule we book them into the next intake. 
Are there any age restrictions for delegates?
We don't believe in suppressing anyones desire to increase their ability to have an impact! 

With that said, applicants under the age of 18 years undergo additional screening to ensure they're a good fit for the program.

Our coaching team includes many parents and all hold current working with children checks.