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54. Solving Insecurity

In this episode Mat chats with Jaemin Frazer, the founder of The Insecurity Project and a coach who specialises in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners eradicate insecurity so they can show up to life unhindered by doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. This conversation led to some profound insights being shared by Jaemin about how […]
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53. Be Happier; Channel Your Inner Child

A child can find the purest of joy in just a puddle of water whereas most adults see it as something to ‘avoid’... In this episode, Mat chats with Dr. Hitu Jugessur from Canada and learns how The Art Of Living Foundation has helped over 200 million people around the world reduce stress, increase their […]
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52. Taking Control Of Your Limiting Beliefs

In this episode Mat chats with Bianca Thomas, a clinical mental health counselor specialising in cognitive behavioral therapy and a life coach who helps ambitious people uncover limiting beliefs holding them back from their true potential. This is a wonderfully candid conversation where Bianca offered a level of vulnerability that is rare in today's society. […]
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15 Ways To Optomise Your Workspace & Boost Productivity

We believe your environment dictates your performance and studies have shown that dialing in your workspace has very real neurobiological consequences for productivity and creativity too.  Every distraction, whether it’s food, people, noise, your phone, or your smartwatch is a major productivity killer. In fact, preventing these distractions requires you to actively suppress impulses, and […]
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Do you set your alarm to go to bed?

It's the great mystery of 'bedtime'. Think about it, most parents have a set time each night that they pack their kids off to bed.  But who tells the parents when to go to bed? No doubt, their wake-up time is predetermined but the ‘go-to bed’ time is more ‘fluid’... It’s a sad fact that […]
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51. How To Reverse Engineer A Growth Mindset

In this episode Mat chats with Anne O’Neil, a former All-American Division 1 Basketball Player turned management consultant and growth mindset expert. There’s no doubt that Anne’s successful sporting career transferred into her career in leadership, performance psychology, and organisational performance. In this conversation, she breaks down how she applies the same concepts of reverse […]
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Are you an addict?

Most people don’t think of themselves as addicts but we reckon over 99% of people living in the Western world are.  Of course, it depends on how we define ‘addicts’. For most of us, the word “Addiction” makes us think about alcohol, powders or pills, etc.  And whilst that can be true, it actually reaches […]
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50. Pioneering Conscious Leadership

In this episode Mat chats with Neil Seligman about the evolution of leadership and how conscious companies are outperforming the competition. Neil is a London-based mindfulness advocate and conscious leadership pioneer who has authored two books; 100 Mindfulness Meditations and Conscious Leadership. In his late twenties, Neil had a moment of insight when he decided […]
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49. The Fear (And Joy) Of An Alcohol-free Life

In this episode Mat chats with Sarah Connolly about the ingrained fear but unlimited joy of living a life without alcohol. Sarah is a certified Grey Area Drinking and Mindset Coach who helps her clients find the freedom to live an uncompromised (alcohol-free) life. Sarah has been super successful in business, raised 2 young boys, […]
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48. Think Of Work As A Game You Play For Money

In this episode Mat chats with Luke Chao, Toronto's most trusted consulting hypnotist who makes hypnosis make sense. As well as a shared passion for matters of the mind, Mat and Luke share an audience of people in leadership roles, business owners, and those looking to unlock more of their potential. Let’s face it, leadership […]
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